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Chamber evenings
March 28th
Academy of Music, 7:30 pm
French Melodies with Philippe Jaroussky
Works by Massenet, Lekeu, Fauré, Chaminade, Chausson and Hahn
With: Jérôme Ducros – piano
“An angelic voice, the appearance of a young boy, an informal style. Philippe Jaroussky is a real pop star figure, he could even be the lead singer of a popular boys’ group. But the 30-year-old French artist is one of the world’s most acclaimed countertenors. He appears in Europe’s most prestigious opera houses, his solo albums sell well, Mezzo the classical music TV channel plays his recordings hourly. Jaroussky is the prototype of the countertenor of the modern age: slightly feminine, easily made a star and exceptionally talented.” Judit Beszterczey
"Many people come because they heard that the latest generation of castrati is here. All countertenors have to struggle with that. In most forums I say that there is no longer any need for bizarre and brutal techniques for a man to be able to sing in a high voice. I give detailed talks on the falsetto technique used to achieve this timbre." Jaroussky
With the support of the French Institute.

Prices: 9500, 7500, 5500, 3500 HUF

Chamber evenings
March 28th
Marble Hall of the Hungarian Radio, 7:30 pm
Šonský–Bretas Duo
Smetana: From the Homeland – Two duos for violin and piano
Martinů: Sonata for violin and piano No. 3, H 303
Franck: Sonata in A major
Stravinsky: Scherzo – extract from The Firebird – ballet
Stravinsky: Russian song – extract from Mavra – opera buffa
Stravinsky: Russian dance – extract from Petrushka – ballet
With: Jaroslav Šonský – violin, Patricia Bretas – piano
"Our Guest the Czech Republic"

The concert is free but you are kindly requested to register in advance.
Church concerts
March 28th
Matthias Church, 8:00 pm
Napoleon ante portas!
Haydn: Nikolai-messe, Hob. XXII:6
Haydn: Paukenmesse, Hob. XXII:9
“It is well known that Joseph Haydn, the excellent composer, cannot always curb his extravagances. Many of his church compositions are imbued not with the spirit of sacred gravity befitting the temple of the Lord, but with a comic, profane spirit. Not to mention a hundred glaring details, it is sufficient to refer to a certain Agnus Dei in which the kettle drum represents the heartbeat.” Haydn’s younger contemporary, the purist church musician von Mastiaux is referring in this passage to the Agnus of the Mise in tempore belli. The kettle-drum and trumpets also remind us of the threatening atmosphere of the Napoleonic Wars that were taking place when the work was composed in 1796.
The Mise in tempore belli is the first of the six great masses that Haydn wrote to greet the wife of Nicholas Esterházy II on her name-day. The Saint Nicholas Mass composed twenty-four years earlier, in 1772, was also intended for a name-day, for December 6, the feast of the patron saint of Prince Nicholas. Coming immediately after the storms of the Farewell Symphony, this mass radiates joie de vivre – as though Haydn were expressing his gratitude to the prince for his positive response to the “warning strike” of the symphony.
Price: 4000 HUF

March 28th
Hungarian State Opera House, 7:00 pm
Puccini: Turandot
Conductor: Peter Oberfrank
For the performers see the performance on March 22.
Verdi’s most outstanding and most original follower was Giacomo Puccini, one of the best known figures of Italian opera. The dramatic tone of his operas and their memorable melodies have made him one of the most popular composers.
Puccini’s operas are generally tragic. One exception is Turandot: after several tragic turns it has a happy ending.
Opera in three acts, sung in Italian

Prices: 16900, 12700, 9200, 6200, 2800, 1900, 1000 HUF

InterNational Theatre Festival
March 28th
National Theatre - Kaszás Attila Hall, 7:00 pm
Lajos Parti Nagy: The Woman of the Week
SzépRóza monologues
New Hungarian drama in the National Theatre

The Seven Woman: Eszter Csákányi
Director: Zsolt Anger
Stage sets: Zsolt Khell
Costumes: Lili Izsák
Lighting: Tamás Bányai
Production assistant: Edit Ranschburg

A joint performance of the Kék Produkciós Iroda and Orlai Produkciós Iroda.
“What makes me happy is being a part of something, a venture. But I have to choose that something – a cause, a community. I insist that my fate must be in my own hands. So that I can make my own decisions.” Eszter Csákányi
A joint programme with the National Theatre.

Price: 2500 HUF

Special treats
March 28th
Gerbeaud House, 7:00 pm
Haydn Supper
An evening in the court of Prince Nicholas Esterházy "the Magnificent"
Be our guest at an aristocratic banquet.
Time travel to the 18th century. Period dishes, fashion and music.
Prices: 15000 HUF

Special treats
March 28th
Thália Theatre, 7:00 pm
Semianyki –
Addams family Russian style: comic portrait of a crazy family
Guest performance by the Teatr Licedei of St Petersburg

For details, see under the performance on March 26.
Not only humorous but also powerful
Their faces are painted white like clowns and they have foolish, wary expressions. The absurd comes naturally to them. Their noses are not red, but their hair looks as though it has just been hit by a firecracker. Nobody says a word but everybody understands everything and laughs uncontrollably. The future demands a place in life, where the mother, constantly grimacing as a femme fatale in her shabby sandals and the tipsy father, who drinks even when there is a broomstick in his coat sleeve, come together again and again. In this shocking family the grandmother writhes in a corner, constantly scolds as though she were about to succumb to a disease, while South American melodies radiating gentleness and warmth are heard. The Family radiates humanity and uses the tools of entertainment to reject emptiness and fear. We must not resign ourselves. We must not be left alone.
Prices: 4000, 3000 HUF

Open-air programmes
March 28th
Vörösmarty Square, 11:00 am
Open-air programme
Once again the 28th National Dance House Gathering and Crafts Fair will be held on the last weekend of the festival. As a foretaste, this weekend amateur and professional participants at the event will give visitors an introduction to the world of folk music and folk dance.

11.00 am Opening: Dances from the Upper Tisza region: Tyukod, Nagyecsed, Gagybátor
11.30 am Dance teaching and humorous games
12.00 am The 20-year-old Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Ensemble plays traditional music and historical melodies from the Great Plain
12.30 pm Dances from Gyimes and Székelyföld: Gyimesközéplok, Csík, Vajdaszentivány
1.00 pm Dance teaching
1.30 pm The 20-year-old Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Ensemble plays traditional music and historical melodies from the Great Plain
2.00 pm Procession dance in the square and recruiting
2.30 pm Dances from Mezőség: Magyarpalatka, Ördöngösfüzes, Válaszút – men’s dances
3.00 pm Folk games
3.30 pm Dance teaching
4.00 pm Dances from Kalotaszeg: Méra, Inaktelke, Bogártelke
4.30 pm Humorous folk games
5.00 pm Procession dance in the market area
5.30 pm Dance teaching

With participation of the Ajka-Padragkút Dance Ensemble led by Anett Nagypál and Ignác Kádár, the Zagyva Orchestra and the Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Ensemble
Host: Csaba Szabó
Throughout the festival craft demonstrations, a traditional market, delicious folk gastronomy and in the afternoons a folk music concert and dance teaching await visitors to Vörösmarty Square.
Special programmes
March 28th
Petőfi Literary Museum, 10:00 am
Conference of Book Publishers
The chances of contemporary literature in Europe
Publishers participating: Rowohlt, Suhrkamp, Ullstein/Claassen (Germany), Gallimard, Acte Sud (France), WAB, Czarne (Poland), Novoje Lityeraturnoje Obozrenyije (Russia), Fraktura (Croatia), Belletrina (Slovenia), El Acantilado/Quaderns Crema (Spain), Svante Weyler Bokförlag (Sweden), Magvető (Hungary)
Representatives of a dozen renowned European publishers are meeting within the frame of the Budapest Spring Festival. As their programmes and authors indicate, they are all committed to fostering the cause of contemporary quality literature, including books by leading Hungarian writers. The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for the directors and senior editors to exchange experiences and information on how the works of authors of quality literature can be brought to the readers of other countries, on what themes and works can be expected to attract interest in their own countries and what we can do for the success of these works. A meeting of this kind is certain to have a lasting and positive influence both on the chances abroad of contemporary Hungarian literature and on the cause of our common European literature.

Other events
March 28th
Millenáris Fogado, 12:00 pm
“Czech Stars”
Stars of Czech beer, gastronomy, jazz, tourism and industry
Jana Koubková Quartet

With: Jana Koubková – voice, Ondřej Kabrna – piano, accordion; Jan Keller – cello; Jan Červenka – percussion
“Our Guest the Czech Republic”

The programme is open between 27–29 from 12.00 am until 12.00 pm.

(Further information: +36 1 462-5066)

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