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Orchestral concerts
April 4th
Academy of Music, 7:30 pm
Haydn: Symphony in G minor (La Poule), Hob. I:83
Gluck: “Che faro’ senza Euridice” (aria from Orfeo ed Euridice, Act III)
Mozart: “Mi tradi’ quell’alma ingrata” (recitative and aria from Don Giovanni, Act II)
Mozart: “Parto, parto” (aria from La Clemenza di Tito, Act I)
Haydn: Symphony in C Major (L'Ours), Hob. I:82
Violinist and conductor Jean-Christophe Spinosi was born in Corsica, in 1991, at the age of 26, he founded the Matheus Quartet. In 1993 the ensemble won a prize at the Amsterdam Van Wassanae Competition. This quartet later became the core of the Ensemble Matheus with which he could try his musical talent in all genres, from concertos to operas, from symphonies to masses. He has worked together with renowned soloists, among others partnering Sandrine Piau, Veronica Cangemi, Matthias Goerne, Philippe Jaroussky, Marie-Nicole Lemieux, Nathalie Stutzmann, Jennifer Larmore, Sara Mingardo, Marjana Mijanovoic. His recordings have won many prizes. In summer 2008 in Vienna he conducted the Magic Flute in the Theater an der Wien. In Budapest he will accompany Susan Graham, one of the brightest opera stars and “America’s favourite mezzo”. The artist was voted singer of the year in 2004 by Musical America, and Midland, Texas (where she spent her childhood) has declared September 5 “Susan Graham Day”.
Prices: 9500, 7500, 5500, 3500 HUF

Orchestral concerts
April 4th
Thália Theatre, 7:30 pm
Haydn: Seven Last Words, Hob. XX:1–7
Schoenberg: Five orchestral pieces, op. 16
Conductor: Balázs Kocsár
With: Philharmonic Orchestra of Debrecen, Kodály Choir of Debrecen
Prices: 4000, 3000 HUF

Church concerts
April 4th
Matthias Church, 8:00 pm
Before Palm Sunday
In memoriam Gabor Baross
Haydn: Te Deum, Hob. XXIIIc:2
Haydn: Violin concerto in G major, Hob. VIIa:4
Haydn: Mass in B flat major (Theresienmesse), Hob. XXII:12
Gábor Baross, winner of the Liszt Prize, Artist of Merit and Outstanding Artist, conductor of the Béla Bartók Choir and Concert Orchestra of the Loránd Eötvös University (ELTE) has passed away at the age of 79.
Conductor: László Kovács
With: Zsuzsanna Skoff, Andrea Meláth, János Szerekován, Zsolt Haja – voice, Éva Dúlfalvy – violin, ELTE Béla Bartók Choir and University Concert Orchestra

Both of the oratorios on the programme can be linked to the singing empress, Maria Teresa Carolina, wife of Emperor Francis I. She commissioned the Te Deum, and she is said to have participated as solo soprano at a performance of the Theresienmesse, hence the popular name of the work. Although the sound of battles of the Napoleonic wars is echoed in the Theresienmesse composed in 1799, this is the most tenderly lyrical of the six late masses. The unusual feature of the Te Deum completed by 1800 is that it dresses the Gregorian Te Deum melody in the garb of classical music. Since it was customary to sing this hymn at thanksgiving services after victorious battles, it is possible that Haydn’s work greeted Admiral Nelson on his visit to Eszterháza after the victory of Abukir Bay.
The G major violin concerto, an early composition, provides an interesting contrast to Haydn’s late works. It is dated to 1769, but considering its old-fashioned style it could have been written before he entered Esterházy service in 1761.
Price: 4000 HUF

InterNational Theatre Festival
April 4th
National Theatre, 7:00 pm
Guest Performance of the Teatr Narodowy (Mały Teatr)
Ferenc Molnár: The Boys of Paul Street
Director: Michał Zadara
With: Marek Barbasiewicz, Andrzej Blumenfeld, Emilian Kamiński, Waldemar Kownacki, Maciej Kozłowski, Wojciech Solarz, Henryk Talar, Krzysztof Wakuliński

Sets: Magdalena Musiał
Costumes: Julia Kornacka
Choreography: Tomasz Wygoda
Lighting: Ewa Garniec
This adaptation of Ferenc Molnár’s famous novel was staged in the Teatr Maly by Michał Zadara. In his interpretation the Paul Street boys are played by adult men. Their story becomes the point of departure for recalling experiences and ideals of their youth. Seen from this angle the play is above all about male friendship, honesty and dignity and tragic confrontation with death threatening young lives.
Theatre performance in Polish with Hungarian surtitles.
A joint programme with the National Theatre.

Prices: 4500, 3500, 2500, 1500, 1000 HUF

InterNational Theatre Festival
April 4th
National Theatre - Gobbi Hilda Stage, 7:00 pm
William Burroughs–Tom Waits–Robert Wilson: The Black Rider
Semi-staged concert with actors of the National Theatre company
Director: Tamás Ascher
Orchestra: Tamás Bárány, Benedek Darvas, Andor Kovács, Márton Kovács, Tamás Sebesi, Ákos Zságer-Varga
Music director: Márton Kovács
Series editor dramaturge: Anna Merényi
William S. Burroughs American writer, essayist, performing artist. He was one of the outstanding figures of the beat generation, his works are largely autobiographical in inspiration, drawing heavily on the experience of his opium addiction.
In the National Theatre’s Reading Theatre series
A joint programme with the National Theatre.

Price: 3500 HUF

Folk music, folk dance
April 4th
Papp László Budapest Sportarena, 10:00 am
28th National Dance House Gathering and Arts and Crafts Fair
The National Dance House Gathering and Arts and Crafts Fair is a festival of folk music, folk dance and folk art, with the participation of amateur and professional performers, children’s and adult folk dance ensembles, music school students and traditional folk artists, representing the Hungarian people of the Carpathian Basin and the ethnic minorities of Hungary.
(The event is organised by the National Dance House Association. Information: 36-1/214-3521)

April 4th
Palace of Arts - Festival Theatre, 7:00 pm
Bangarra Dance Theatre
True Stories
Choreography: Frances Rings, Elma Gada Kris
Artistic director: Stephen Page
The Bangarra Dance Theatre is the best known company popularising Australian indigenous traditions; with the high artistic standard of its productions it has won a prominent place not only in Australia but throughout the world. From a small, community-based group the company representing Australian culture rooted in indigenous traditions in a way unlike any other contemporary company, has grown dramatically in size, in creative output, in financial and human resources and in popularity with audiences, by consciously blending the power of traditions with contemporary trends.
Prices: 7000, 5000, 3000 HUF

Open-air programmes
April 4th
Vörösmarty Square, 11:00 am
Open-air programme
A little taste in the Inner City of the FRINGE+ Festival taking place in the Millenáris Park with a selection of last year’s productions in a wide range of genres: theatre, jazz, world music, light music, dance, cabaret, fire juggling show.

11.30 am-12.30 pm Pikéthy Strings – Performance by the string department of the Pikéthy Music School of Vác.
12.30-1.30 pm Katáng: Variegated songs – Hungarian poems for children set to music, for everyone.
2.00-3.00 pm Renáta Csőke and Dutar – World music concert. Own compositions, popular and less known folksongs, folk music in our style.
3.30-4.30 pm Drums Percussion Group – Percussion instruments as children see them, from folk music to modern music, different genres, various composers.
5.30-6.00 pm Fabula Rasa – World music combining Gypsy, Hungarian Celtic and Jewish music traditions.
6.30-7.30 pm Karaván Family: La familijaki zor (The strength of the family) – Gypsy folksongs with a dash of flamenco, Gypsy swing, blues, Latin and Balkan elements.
8.00-9.00 pm ’round nine: Woodfish – Dance and pop music with elements of funky, Latin rhythms, jazz and jazz-rock.
9.00-9.30 pm Lángvirág Fire Theatre: Games – Fire Theatre production after sunset.
Through Children's Eyes
April 4th
Kunsthalle, 4:00 pm
Musical programme for 5–10-year-olds
Presenter: Katalin Kim musicologist
The unusual creative programme deals with some of the works exhibited and also with the music of Haydn. The aim of the programme is to give participants an opportunity for creative, free improvisative music-making and playing with notes and, closely linked to this, for unchoreographed movement and dance. We are seeking connections between the visual, the works of art, the music and movement, observing parallels and points of connection between the different branches of the arts.
(Further information: +36 1 460-7018)

Through Children's Eyes
April 4th
Petőfi Literary Museum, 5:00 pm
Parafónia Orchestra
“Music is spiritual food and cannot be substituted by anything else. Whoever does not partake from it will live and die in a state of spiritual anaemia. There are regions of the soul which can be illuminated only through music.” (Zoltán Kodály)
Leader of the orchestra: Réka Fabényi
The members of the Parafónia ensemble of the “Music for Everybody” Association are mentally handicapped young people between the age of 18 and 35 who have learnt to make music together with the help of a special, coloured music notation method.
Their repertoire includes well-known classics, Hungarian and other folk songs, dances and early music pieces. Their special instruments can be used to perform melodies of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi, as well as lighter numbers from musicals and folk songs.
The ensemble has 12 members under the direction of music teacher Réka Fabényi who is assisted by young remedial and music teachers and musicians.
The concert is free but you are kindly requested to register in advance.

April 4th
SportMax - Sport, Leisure and Events Centre, 2:00 pm
Eszter Csurka: Sculpture-performance
This event, attracting a wide audience, is a performance lasting several hours during which sculptures are created underwater in a giant pool. The audience can follow the underwater events that will be recorded on a camera and projected on a giant screen.

Wax will be melted in big vats, then poured slowly into a pool by two assistants. The sculptor will shape the material underwater. The finished, solidified sculptures will be raised carefully from the pool and displayed on the day of the event in the nearby MOM Park.
April 4, 2.00-8.00 pm

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